After announcing that Phife Dawg (pictured) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad would be performing at a show in Sydney, Australia on Nov. 27, concert promoters Peace Music have canceled the gig after being scammed by a janky booking agent. The promoters, who announced the concert in August, said that scam artists who have been wreaking havoc on European promoters have made them their latest target.

"It has very recently come to light the agent for the tour has grossly misrepresented the artists involved, and misappropriated payments made to him on behalf of the artists," said Peace FM in a statement.

The promotion company said that they attempted to renegotiate a deal with the A Tribe Called Quest members' managements, but were unable to lock in a new date.

"Despite meeting with management in Australia in August, the fact that the tour dates were little more than an elaborate scam did not come to light until very recently. On further investigation Peace discovered that the 'agent' in question, one James Richardson of Abstrakt Visions Entertainment, had defrauded three different European promoters in connection with misrepresenting Phife earlier in the year, and that he appeared to be little more than a career con man."

Peace Music has replaced the ATCQ rappers with Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae and Boogie Blind, with plans for the new show to take place at the Metro Theatre on Nov. 26.

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