Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes/N.E.R.D. took part in New York Fashion Week's "Night Out," a special promotion to benefit city's the struggling retail industry, by working the register at his Soho BBC/Ice Cream clothing store.

Fans began lining up outside before the store had even opened at noon, hoping to take advantage of Ice Cream/BBC's huge sale, and perhaps exchange a word with the brand's founder, who was scheduled to arrive at 6 PM. Upon arrival, Pharrell rang up customers, signed autographs and took the time to speak with his fans.

"All these kids, they've changed our lives," said the multi-talented producer from behind the register. "Without them there is no support of the music, no support of the garments, no support of a lot the other endeavors I have outside of this. I'm just trying to say thank you, that's all this is."

When not working retail in Soho, Pharrell can be found performing with N.E.R.D., as part of Heineken's Red Star Soul 2009 tour, alongside Ludacris, T-Pain, Big Boi and more.