Pharrell Williams has a knack for turning his ideas into profit. The jack of all trades -- he's a music veteran, design and fashion tastemaker as well as executive -- has hooked up with the United Entertainment Group to launch I Am Other, an entity that "spotlights new musicians, filmmakers, designers, artists and innovators through online, mobile and retail channels, TV shows and films," reports Variety.

I Am Other plans to launch this fall. It seems that Pharrell will be handpicking cool products, which will then be bandied out by I Am Other to existing social networks like Facebook, Twitter as well as e-commerce sites like Gilt and Groupon.

"The first installment [of I Am Other] is about delivering those experiences through products, excursions, anything that is tangible to a human that can make their life easier," Pharrell said. "A lot companies claim they can make the world better. We want to make lives easier and unlock what normally would seem impossible possible."

UEG is affiliated with Hollywood's United Talent Agency and specializes in marketing brands like Proctor & Gamble, Frito-Lay and Diagio with entertainers. Companies that choose to use I Am Other will pay Williams and UEG a fee -- splitting a percentage of the sales revenue with the brands -- for their tastemaking services.

Pharrell's resume includes a wealth of projects outside his music endeavors, including his leadership of Billionaire Boys Club clothing, Ice Cream footwear and most recently being tapped as creative director of Karmaloop TV.

Watch Pharrell Williams' 'Number One' feat. Kanye West
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