Pharrell Williams has partnered with menswear designer Mark McNairy on a new streetwear label, Bee Line for Billionaire Boys Club, and recently discussed the brand with GQ.

"I always liked what Pharrell did with Billionaire Boys Club -- it's like preppy streetwear," McNairy explains in the interview. "We started by collaborating on one shoe. We talked about doing clothes, and eventually it evolved into a full made-in-the-U.S.A. collection."

Though both McNairy and Pharrell are fashion icons in their own right, apparently the two had some trepidation about working together.

"I came in confident. Then I started hearing how picky Pharrell is, so I got a little nervous," McNairy continues. "We had our initial meetings and decided what the direction should be. When I took all the prototypes to Miami, he loved everything."

"He's very quirky and a quiet guy, but also funny as hell. Within all that quirkiness, he's very confident. The man just clicks," Pharrell says of his partner. "Mark has learned a lot along the way, but his mentality is still North Carolina. I like the way he just crashes shit together."

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