T.I. is still hiding out following his arrest last month, but his producer pal Pharrell is promising that his forthcoming 'King Uncaged,' album will be memorable, in spite of label pressure. According to the Neptunes frontman, who worked on the album, Tip is experiencing stress from his record label, Atlantic Records, to put out more pop-friendly songs.

"He's got a crazy album. I saw, like, 60 records, and almost every record that he played me was really incredible," Pharell told MTV News. "Then there was the more poppier side of things, where the label kinda puts the gun to your head 'cause they gotta pay their bills ... Please trust, T.I.'s album is incredible, and he's an amazing talent, and it's been a while since we got together."

Pharrell, like others in the hip-hop world, also addressed Tip's legal woes stating that he would be "fine regardless" of the outcome of violating his parole. The 29-year-old has been summoned to appear in an Atlanta court on an unspecified date where he will have to explain to the judge why he shouldn't go back to jail after being found in possession of ecstasy and other drugs in September. Undoubtedly T.I.'s legal hiccup may have an effect on his 'King Uncaged,' as a release date has yet to be revealed.