Last week, it was reported that was suing Pharrell Williams over the rights to the brand name 'I AM.' According to will, he had copyrighted the phrase and therefore, Pharrell was not allowed to use that phrase for his 'I am OTHER' YouTube channel. Pharrell almost immediately rejected will's claim as invalid.

Today, Pharrell has apparently responded in court by filing a lawsuit of his own against the Black Eyed Peas member. It seems that the producer is countersuing for what he believes is a false accusation. Pharrell seems to have argued that the two are using the phrase "I am" within different contexts; while he is using it to mean "I am something else," is using it to mean "I am Will," similar to how Dr. Seuss used it in the book 'Green Eggs And Ham.'

Looks like we'll all be going back to elementary school to follow the technicalities of this case.

This seems like one of those cases where the suit will either be settled out of court or will be outright dismissed, depending on the whim of the judge. There is definitely more to come on this story.