Pharrell dons some traditional threads and transforms into a sovereign ruler in Chanel's new short film, 'Reincarnation.'

In honor of the brand's Métiers d'Art show in Salzburg, Austria, the Karl Lagerfeld-directed piece finds the 'Happy' singer as an elevator operator while model Cara Delevingne plays a barmaid.

Both characters dream of leaving their modest jobs and become something bigger, which they do in a dream sequence that turns Pharrell into Austrian emperor Franz Joseph. With Cara as his lady love, they two romantically waltz around the chalet.

They dance to 'CC the World,' which is sung by Pharrell and Cara. A play on the brand, the track sounds like a traditional waltz until we hear the beat come in and is quickly remixed into an interesting melody for the ears.

After the dream, Pharrell gets back to his post and meets Coco Chanel, played by actress Géraldine Chaplin. She asks him where he got his jacket and he informs her, "They only made it for me." Apparently, this is how the famous Chanel suit was born.

Watch a Behind-the-Scenes video for 'Reincarnation'