The tributes to slain Trayvon Martin continue to roll in from the music world in the wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman. Pharoahe Monch has released his song, 'Stand Your Ground.'

'Stand Your Ground' shows a very different side to Pharoahe Monch than listeners may be used to. The underrated rhyme slinger goes to a rock-infused cadence and even belts out a powerful melody over the heavy drums and guitar. The song's title refers to the 'Stand Your Ground' Laws that George Zimmerman invoked to justify the killing of Trayvon Martin. But Pharoahe flips the message, beseeching the community to "unify get in line" and stand up to unjust circumstances.

The song is intended to be released on his next album, 'P.T.S.D.,' but has been presented in rough form today because while the song has not yet been thoroughly mixed and mastered, the significance of Zimmerman's acquittal and subsequent rallies nationwide were too important for Pharoahe to sit back and not present the anthem to the public. Check it out and see for yourself.