Pharrell recently discussed working with Compton rapper Game. "It was crazy, because you walk in the studio and it's 15 to 20 7-foot dudes. All of his friends are giants. I'm in there like Webster. Like Emmanuel Lewis, looking up at everybody like, 'Yeah, OK, cool.' It was kinda otherworldly. Except me and my engineer, we're the only two regular humans. These guys are like giants. But the most creative sessions ever." Pretty funny, P. [MTV]

Young Jeezy, who bears a striking resemblance to Malcolm X on his new album cover, explained the bespectacled photo, saying "I know a lot of cats are trippin' off the cover. I tell 'em like this: You had Martin Luther King, you had Malcolm X. One thing I respected about Malcolm X is that he believed in what he believed in. He died believing in it. That's how I am. I would never compare myself to the great Malcolm, but I will die believing in what I believe in." Sounds like a comparison, but what do we know. [RapRadar]