Nas' upcoming 'Lost Tapes 2' album is looking like it will be a reunion, as word has it that producer Pete Rock has signed on to the project.

Although he failed to give any other details, Pete took to his Twitter page to announce the news but kept the declaration short and sweet. "Look out for the new Nas and Pete Rock coming on Lost Tapes 2!" he wrote. "Finally after 18 sum odd years its Nas and Pete Rock Again!! Let's go!!"

In mid-September, Nas announced that he was putting together music for the album -- a continuation of the original compilation released in 2002. "I'm unloading records I want the streets to hear," he told MTV news. "Cleaning out my hard drives. Gonna do this, then start fresh. I'm dropping my solo LP before the summer of 2011. I love the energy the world has been giving me over the last two years. But now it's time to focus on owning the streets again."

Pete Rock has produced tracks for some of the most prolific acts in hip-hop. Aside from Nas' 'The World Is Yours,' off his iconic 'Illmatic' debut, he has worked with the likes of Run-DMC, and Public Enemy and was instrumental in introducing jazz and funk music into hip-hop. 'Lost Tapes Vol. 2' is due out December 14.

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