Known as the more rambunctious member of hip-hop duo Salt-N-Pepa, Sandy "Pepa" Denton is ready to settle down. According to reports, the rapper recently pitched a series to VH1 that will follow her search for love a la 'Flavor of Love,' 'Rock of Love,' 'For the Love of Ray J' ... the list goes on. While VH1 has had numerous shows centered on the desire of finding love, Pepa says her show will be modeled after HBO's 'Sex and the City.'

In a recent interview, Pepa revealed a few details about herself and the show. "They're [VH1] calling it 'Pep in the City,' but it's just a pilot. It's about me and girlfriends and [being] single, cause I've been single and I've been celibate for four years. And my thing is I'm looking to find someone."

Pepa's relationship with VH1 dates back to 2005 when she was part of the fifth season 'The Surreal Life.' In 2007 she starred in 'The Salt-N-Pepa Show,' which followed Pepa and Cheryl "Salt" Wray as they reunited and sorted out their past issues.