Pell reminds us to take advantage of the cards handed to us -- no matter how bad that hand is -- in the video for 'Runaway.'

Directed by Matt Robertson, the visual follows the New Orleans native as he grabs his bike and hits the streets of downtown Los Angeles. While we don't think he has anywhere to go, he's actually looking for a girl -- possibly a friend, maybe a girlfriend -- to convince her to get off the streets.

Tomas Barfod and Jeppe Kjellberg produced the track, on which we not only get to hear Pell's rapping skills but also his singing chops as well.

"Out in the cold / You told me you would be fine / Now you're all alone / Struggling for a place to call home / And then I'm not a minute late / Another runaway / We need to runaway, hey," he sings on the chorus.

'Runaway' is the latest track off his new album, 'Floating While Dreaming.'