Having recently been freed from the Roc, longtime State Property member and Philly favorite Peedi Crakk will finally release his debut album 'Camel Face Hunting Season' on indie upstart Amalgam Digital this September.

For many, the release date is long-overdue. Fans of P. Crakk's energetic delivery and catchy flow have been anxiously awaiting a proper release, since his "One For Peedi" single dropped six years ago.

"I ain't being forced to make songs I don't want to make," the artist formerly known as the Prince of the Roc told the BoomBox. "I'm not making music for no major label A&R or the Radio. This is 100% Peedi Crakk Musc," he continued. "I'm not doing this for Lenny S, Jay-Z, or LA Reid. This is strictly for the systems and the clubs...and if radio start to play my music as they normally do then let em' play it. Know what I'm sayin'?"

Peedi has been taking shots at Jay for over five months with tracks like "I'm Sorry" and the "Roc Boys Freestyle," where Peedi spit: "Listen, before you flossin' take precautions/s---'ll get you tossed in a coffin watch 'em/ f----- fake ass bossman/n---- a weirdo/ swear he a hero/remind me of a scarecrow/ no heart, just a lot of business smarts/so sit down and handle your f----- business you old fart."

Jay did not respond, but the darts may well have made their mark; now Peedi is free of his contract, and finally has a release date, a day many of us never thought we'd see. The first single is the Vinny Idol produced "More Towels," but several freestyles have already leaked, one which is available exclusively below. P. Crakk Cocaine!!!

Listen to the exclusive track below.