The disturbing combination of hip-hop music and cocaine conspiracies continues. The owners of Behind Da Scenes Entertainment have been arrested for their involvement in a Hollywood cocaine smuggling ring that spanned from Mexico to California to Baltimore. According to authorities -- who seized 300 kilos of cocaine, 1.1 million in cash and numerous exotic vehicles -- the ring smuggled hundreds of pounds of cocaine via private jets. Cocaine was shipped to Baltimore, where it was distributed and sold before cash in suitcases was returned to California. In a month and a half period almost 400 kilos of cocaine was sold to the tune of four million dollars.

Fourteen people were arrested and indicted including Ricky James "DP" Brascom, 28, and Charles Ransom Jr., 36, who are co-CEO's of Behind Da Scene Entertainment. Chicago rapper Paypa (pictured), who recently signed to SRC/Universal Records, is signed to Behind Da Scenes. Brascom and Ransom Jr. are the alleged ringleaders of the operation and, if convicted, face life behind bars.

Though details of Behind Da Scenes involvement in the cocaine smuggling are sketchy, it bears similarity to BMF Entertainment's alleged role as a money laundering vehicle for convicted cocaine traffickers Terry Flenory and Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory, who are currently serving 30 year sentences.