Fans and skeptics have been awaiting 'Jersey Shore' star Pauly D's first musical output since the steel-coiffed reality star-DJ announced that he had signed with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records.

At long last, Pauly D, who recently appeared as the opening act on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour, has released his first song, a 'Jersey Shore' house remix of Chris Brown's clubby single 'Turn Up the Music,' originally produced by The Underdogs and Fuego.

The Rhode Island native, who currently stars on the fifth season of 'Jersey Shore,' is preparing to launch his own spinoff series, 'The Pauly D Project' this spring. He revealed that, in addition to his new remix, he is hard at work on his debut album, which he intends to release later this year.

"I teamed up with Artistic Raw to remix Chris Brown's 'Turn Up The Music,' as seen Sunday on the Grammys, I have been working on my album non stop, cannot wait to release it later this year," Pauly explained.

While his G-Unit album does not have a release date yet, 'The Pauly D Project will premiere on March 29.

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