Paul Wall revealed he underwent gastric sleeve surgery to combat his morbid obesity.

In a recent interview with Shade 45's Angela Yee, the Houston rapper explained that that he was recommended the surgery by his doctor, in order to save his life, and has since lost 100 lbs. "I could kinda see it because I would get on planes and I'd be breathing, sounding like I'm snoring. I'd get on stage and I'm like, 'I'm gonna have a heart attack,'" Wall told Yee.

Having attempted to lose the weight in a variety of ways, including dieting and exercise, Wall said that he had no other choice but to undergo the surgery. "I tried to do it the gym way. I stopped sipping syrup, I was taking diet pills, I was running five miles a day. I was eating right. I tried everything but none of that worked. I think that was a result of all the years of sipping syrup and taking Vicodins and Xanax, my whole metabolism was just gone out the window. I really had no other choice, no other option. And this is what really got me, the doctor told me when you're 50 pounds overweight it takes 15 years off your life so I was 120 pounds overweight -- I was 320."

Wall, who looked slim in the interview, has a new album entitled 'Heart of a Champion' coming out July 13.