Beyonce may be one of entertainment's most lauded figures but some parents aren't too fond of her name, says a report from the Jamaican Observer.

The Observer's report comes as a result of a study conducted by, in which eight percent of parents later regretted the name they chose for their offspring. Half of those involved in the study admitted they were influenced by fleeting fashion trends when selecting their child's name.

After the study was published, All Woman -- a section of the Jamaican Observer -- surveyed parents who shared sentiments regarding their kids' birth names, which were full of remorse.

"I regret naming my daughter Beyonce," a parent named Camille admitted. "It seemed like a cool choice at the time, but now everytime we say it to other people we get a smirk, or a raised eyebrow. I wish I could change it, but she has identified with it."

In Jamaica, the Registrar General's Department (RGD) shared information in naming trends, with an influx of the Rhiannas -- spelled differently than that of the Bajan pop star of the same name -- over the years.

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