Remy Ma's fiance, Brooklyn, New York rapper Papoose, is speaking out about his bride-to-be's recent assault trial. "I never seen a case with more issues, more grounds for appeal than hers," Brooklyn, New York rapper Papoose said in a recent interview. "Everybody had different stories. Nobody's stories matched. They all lied on the stand. It's disgusting. It's obvious what that case was about." Papoose went on to call Remy's attorney, Ivan Fisher, "incompetent."

The 26-year-old rap diva was found guilty of first-degree assault, criminal weapons charges and attempted coercion on March 27 and sentenced to eight years in prison on Tuesday for shooting her longtime friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the stomach for allegedly lifting $3,000 from her purse. Obviously, Remy's friends and family, including Papoose, feel the rapper was given a raw deal.

"To see a female get persecuted like that for something they didn't do. ... Then, on the other hand, you see Sean Bell get murdered by police and they just walk out the courtroom. A crime they admitted they did. Then somebody that's suspected of a crime goes to jail and gets sentenced to eight years. These police gun a man down and murder him. In the same city a mother gets snatched away from her child. It's aggravating," Papoose said.

Pap also decided it was time to clear up the "ridiculous" claim that he was attempting a prison break on the day the pair was supposed to tie the knot. "It was a small key. I honestly don't think the s--- could open handcuffs," Pap explained. "[Sneak it to her] on Rikers Island? What are you gonna do with that? For me to give her a handcuff key, that's ridiculous. They put in the papers [that] I was trying to help her escape and all that. If that was true, I would have been arrested. It was just an excuse for them to do some of the foul things they did."