PapooseIn remembrance of 2009's fallen stars rapper Papoose penned the new song 'Obituary.' Set behind Tupac Shakur's 'Keep Ya Head Up' beat, the Brooklyn native acknowledges the many celebrities who died last year by going down the timeline of the year's most shocking deaths. "This song goes out to everybody who didn't make it to see 2010," he says as the track begins. "Take these bars and play 'em in the cemetery/Put the ashes on the speaker if they wasn't buried/Ask me if life is short I say very, this is the 2009 obituary."

Papoose starts off with Michael Jackson's shocking death on June 25, 2009, and goes through a snapshot of his career highs and lows. "Keep ya head up, don't let me see it drop/In 2009 we lost the 'King of Pop'/Born August 29, 1958, lead singer of the Jackson 5, they was great/Then he went solo, started to rise/'Thriller,' best-selling album of all time/Michael Jackson, his words carried us, his music broke down racial barriers/ Acquitted of the savagery, humanitarian, raised over $300 million in charity."

Others who made Papoose's lyrical list were DJ AM, who was found dead in his New York City apartment last August; plus lesser publicized entertainers like hip-hop DJ Mr. Magic who suffered a heart attack in October of 2009, and rapper Dolla who was gunned down in front of a Los Angeles Mall last May. By the song's end, Papoose launches into a death roll call. "R.I.P. Vernon Forrest, R.I.P Patrick Swayze, R.I.P Edward Kennedy, R.I.P Brittany Murphy, R.I.P. Rock Raida, RIP to Dolla, from the West to the East, RIP Ed McMahon."

Known for his mixtapes, Papoose is set to release two more this year titled 'Gator-Aid' and 'Pi 3-14.'