After coming for Kendrick Lamar (yeah, as in the guy who let him appear on the Hot 97 Summer Jam main stage, affording him an extra 15 minutes of relevancy) for his blasphemous claims on 'Control,' Papoose sets his sights on Big Sean, but not for his verse on said song.

When asked during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club about Pap's own 'Control' response, Sean replied, "who?" And, needless to say, it has the Brooklyn MC feeling some type of way. Last night, Kay Slay's sidekick released his own remix to 'First Chain,' on which he looks to cut the G.O.O.D. Music rapper deep.

"Big Sean speak like a woman when he talk/ When he having a seat, he keep his legs crossed," he raps, which is just one of many predictable (yet admittedly funny) insults about his not-so-macho image. Papoose even takes shots at his G.O.O.D. Music familia, again, in similar fashion: "Kanye wore a skirt, what was he tryna prove?"

Papoose's 'First Chain' remix is lyrically sound, but it's not like Sean's comment actually warranted an entire diss track. And can someone point out when Papoose was ever relevant in this whole 'Control' conversation anyway? At this point, the rapper who took nine years to release his debut album is sounding dehydrated, not thirsty. Someone get this guy a glass of water. Stat.