OVO is always making some major power moves, and their clothing line has been taking off more than ever in 2016 After the flagship store opened in Los Angeles last year, the label and brand is now working on bringing one right into New York City. While they've already had a pop up shop surrounding Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour a few months back, the company is now seeking a more permanent situation.

According to their social media, OVO has just announced that they will be bringing a new flagship store to New York City in the near future. The clothing line posted a video of the announcement, which was directed by Ben Solomon and produced by Angel Jonathan Rosa. Unfortunately, details surrounding the location of the store, as well as the opening date, have not been revealed, but it should make for a great holiday season if we know how Drake and his team like to surprise fans.

The brand already has flagship stores in both Los Angeles, which opened last year, and Toronto, which opened as the first back in 2014. Hopefully we will be getting more details from the OVO camp soon, and we can have a grand opening that will flood the streets of Manhattan before the holidays approach.


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