50 Cent has a new woman in his corner and his fans may be surprised at who she is. Oprah Winfrey's best friend, Gayle King, welcomed the entertainment mogul to her OWN talk show recently and displayed a shocking piece of artwork he inspired.

King showed off a temporary tattoo of both 50 Cent's name and his face during the visit. Located on her left bicep, the rapper-turned-actor appears with a do-rag and fitted cap in the fake body ink. During the visit to her show, Fif, who has a cat named Gayle and a dog named Oprah, blushed while being questioned and brought up the first time he and the host met in Las Vegas.

"@50Cent: From the original G-Unit, I now feel so close to you....Thanks for being such a good sport! pic.twitter.com/miyXHdZM," King posted to her guest via Twitter.


At one point, King joked about the possibility of a relationship together and how the tabloids would react to such a story. "If 50 Cent and Gayle got together, do you know the scandal that would cause?" she said with a laugh.

50 Cent's main priority during his sit-down was to address the act of bullying, an act which he has been notorious for committing during his career. "The actual environment that I grew up in, if you didn't create an example of you not being afraid of the altercation or situations that could possibly take place, there was a higher probability that you'd be involved on the other end of it," Fif stated.

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