Old Dirty Bastard's son, Young Dirty Bastard, is going through a health crisis. In an interview with Montreality, the 24-year-old rapper revealed that he's battling testicular cancer.

YDB, who's a vegetarian but still eats chicken, plans to fight the disease the natural way.

"Actually, I got cancer in my balls right now, but I’m trying to beat it everyday," he says. "The doctor’s gonna kill me. The doctor gets paid to kill me. Do some push-ups. Do some sit-ups."

"How you get your balls strong -- you move your penis muscles. You squeeze your ass cheeks and you move your penis muscles to keep your balls healthy,” he continued.

YDB says he's learned to live with "my friend the tumor." "I detox everyday," he said. "Eat a f---in' garlic."

Although we don't agree with YDB's advice on fighting testicular cancer, we must stress that it's highly treatable if caught early by a health professional. We recommend that you see a doctor immediately if you feel that you might have the same medical condition.

Prior to this conversation, YDB was asked what he thought was the biggest lie in the world. His answer may surprise you.

“AIDS is the biggest lie in the world. Man created AIDS," he said. "It didn’t come from a monkey. I think when you go to the hospitals they give you cancer. You get cancer from the foods."

Elsewhere in the interview, YDB talked about the death of his father, which he describes as mysterious. At the funeral, he recalls telling mourners that his father's spirit will live on.

“That night we was all at the funeral. It was an open-casket. He wasn’t f---ed up in the face. Everything was live. Everything was fresh," he said. "Everybody got to see my pops that night. Mariah Carey came through. RZA came through [and] showed love. A lot of the Gods came through."

"And basically, at the end of it I was like, ‘Damn,'" he continued. "I hopped on the stage, had the mic [and said], ‘My father ain’t going nowhere. Ol’ Dirty Bastard right here. He lives through me.’ I started crying and s---, you know how that get, but I stole all that power. I harnessed it and I’m actually doing this s--- right now."

You can watch the whole Montreality interview with Young Dirty Bastard above.

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