New Atlanta favorite OG Maco decided to take a break from his hectic schedule of touring to drop a new batch of songs in the form of his 'Breathe' EP.

Consisting of three brand new tracks, the surprise project includes production from Chuck Inglish, Proto Cal and LC on the Traxx and sees Maco going for dolo with no guest appearances.

On the opening track, 'Get Down,' Maco questions the shortcomings of America, rapping, "I have a few pressing questions about our human regression, recession, standardized testing, low wages and homeless veterans," and tops it off with a melodic hook, making for a welcoming intro.

'Do Better' finds Maco continuing to target social issues, speaking on Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and calling for the youth to "do better" for themselves, dropping a slew of jewels in the process. The quick-strike EP closes out with the ramped-up 'Riot,' on which the ATL upstart gets back in tune with his more aggressive nature, spitting, "We kill 'em for fun / I'm guilty your honor, hands filthy from commas / I'm Coogi, I'm Duluth, new money, new drama, new 30's, new llamas," with complete fervor.

The 'Breathe' EP serves as a brief hold-over until the next proper full-length from Maco emerges. Check out the stream below.

Listen to OG Maco's 'Breathe' EP