According to a recent story in a New Orleans newspaper, Grammy award winning rapper Lil Wayne owes his life to an off-duty cop.

In 1994, the then 12-year-old (although his birth certificate claims he was 14) Dwayne Carter Jr., was home alone, playing with a 9mm handgun, when he accidentally shot himself through the chest. He managed to call 911, and drag himself to the front door, but he would have bled to death, if it weren't for police officer, Robert Hoobler, who answered the call, even though he was off duty.

When Hoobler was told there were no ambulance units available, he carried the dying future multi-millionaire to his car and drove him to the nearest hospital, saving his life.

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Years later, Hobbler ran into Wayne at a local restaurant: "This man saved my life, " Lil Wayne said to several men and women around him, according to Hoobler. "I almost died, and this man saved my life. I'll never forget him."

He reached out and bumped Hoobler's fist. They spoke briefly before they each returned to their meals. Hoobler finished eating. When he went to pay for his meal, the waiter told him not to worry about it. Lil Wayne had picked up the tab."

Though Wayne's run in with death is well documented, the story of the police officer who saved his life, is not. The newspaper article goes on in detail about Hoobler's good deed.

We were kind of hoping Weezy hooked him up with more than a burger and fries, though. Just saying.