The wild bunch that is Odd Future are assaulting eyes and ears with the latest video for the expletive-laden track, 'B---- Suck D---,' which appears on Tyler, the Creator's debut LP, 'Goblin'

It's nothing new for the likes of OFWGKTA frontman Tyler to direct mind-boggling visuals, which he does here under his Wolf Haley moniker. Just like 'Yonkers' caused viewers to look on in amazement as he chowed down on a cockroach, this clip embodies much of the same shock value, however, rather than dark, this weird gem is more comical.

Tyler brings along associates Jasper Dolphin and Taco for the simple rap ride, which finds himself demanding, "Gun to her head, make your b---- massage my shoulders," Dolphin stating, 'F--- global warming, this the Ice Age, b----" and Taco boasting, "I bought a f---in' whale, 'cause I'm ballin'."

In the visuals, the trio do as they please in their own skits. Dolphin chills with big boned women, performing exercise routines in 'Workout,' Tyler sports a jheri curl wig and no pants, running on a beach 'Baywatch'-style -- though his is called 'Baywolf' -- and Taco is a chef with no skill set in 'Taco's Kitchen,' pouring beer on a slab of meat, while spitting and sitting on it -- with his bare behind -- in the process.

Check out the debauchery below.

Watch Odd Future's 'B--- Suck D--k'

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