Four years after the untimely death of Wu-Tang Clan Member Ol' Dirty Bastard the rapper's mother Cherry Jones, wrote a letter commemorating her son and responding to rumors surrounding his financial status before his death. "Four years ago today marks one of the most tragic days in my life, when I lost my son 'Rusty,' whom many of you know as Ol' Dirty Bastard," she wrote in an email.

Jones also addressed speculation regarding ODB financially supporting his children. "For the past four years, I have sat back and watched certain individuals try and tarnish my son's beliefs. My son loved every single one of his children and every single one of their mothers and provided for them all the best he could when he was alive. My son was an extremely generous soul."

She went on to say that the new biography 'Digging for Dirt' written by Jaime Lowe has not been authorized and would like the work to be boycotted by his fans. According to Jones she asked Lowe to omit certain passages from the book but to no avail.

Jones also stated that a 2009 release of an ODB album may be in the works. "I hope next year my son's final album will be released for the 5th Anniversary of his passing. It pains me to have to write this on the day of his passing but I needed to address this," she continued. "I know my son would have been at that rally in Chicago when the first African American President was elected and I'm sure he would have gone up on stage and grabbed the microphone as only he could."

In 1998, he stormed the Grammy's stage announcing that Wu-Tang Clan "loved the kids."

Born Russel T. Jones, ODB was arguably the most publicly outgoing member of the Wu-Tang Clan. On November 13, 2004 he collapsed at a Wu-Tang Clan studio in New York City and was pronounced dead later that evening. Autopsy reports later revealed that ODB died from an accidental overdose due to a mixture of cocaine and prescription pills. In an ironic twist ODB died just two days before his 36th birthday.