If you keep your head buried in the gossip rags, then you're already familiar with sexy new singer J-Dia. She was the fresh-faced college student that graced the cover of the New York Post in 2004 ... in handcuffs.

Before 20-year-old Julia Diaco got behind a microphone, she almost got locked behind bars for selling pot, cocaine, mushrooms and LSD on campus during her freshman year at NYU. Dubbed the "Pot Princess" by the Post, the well-to-do New Jersey native became a notorious tabloid target in the months following her April '04 arrest.

Now she's gone from bongs to songs. J-Dia's debut single, 'I Won't Tell,' featuring rapper Styles P., is climbing the charts with its sultry mix of rap, R&B and pop. You might think Diaco has had enough of the spotlight for one lifetime, but as far she sees it, there's nothing left to lose.

"People can't talk worse about me," she said in a recent issue of Blender. "They have exhausted everything you can possibly say about a human being. People have called me crazy, a drug dealer. I've heard I have a gambling addiction -- I've been called the devil."

Sounds like the makings of a perfect hip-hop diva to us.

Watch 'I Won't Tell'