While most hip-hop fans are over the concept of wearing "grills," those (usually fake) gold teeth that were mainly popular in the south throughout the '00s, the kids at Savannah High School in Georgia became a bit offended when their principal demanded that all gold teeth be removed and all shirts had to be tucked-in.

"I don't allow my kids to talk to me with those removable gold teeth grills in their mouths, and we have a strict policy for tucking in shirttails," said the principal Toney Jordan.

Students felt like their backs were against the wall, but instead of merely complaining, they got together and made a new rap song that addresses the ban and pokes enough fun that even the principal and administration is down with it. Now, with full blessing, the students are filming a video using the marching band and its cheerleaders as well as teachers. It seems like the entire campus is getting in on the act and it's becoming a great collaborative moment for the high school students.

The track is entitled 'I Can't Hear You With That Gold in Your Mouth.' As the video nears completion, students are planning a release party and entry in high school media contests across the country. Listen to a little sample of what the song entails below.