He’s not asking for three buckets of spicy fried chicken like Nicki Minaj, but Nipsey Hussle’s tour rider contains some specific demands when he performs at a venue.

TMZ obtained the California rhymer’s tour rider from his recent Atlanta gig and it has some interesting requests. First off, according to the gossip website, Nipsey gets $25,000 for his appearance. Not bad.

However, the “Thug Life” rapper wants his payment in cash, specifically $100 crisp bills only. So no $20 bills or $50 bills and definitely no singles. Nipsey also doesn't perform for empty seats. If the venue is not at least 25 percent capacity he's not rocking the mic.

But one of Nipsey’s biggest demands is the correct spelling of his name. The 30-year-old rapper will not perform if the advertisements misspell his name. That’s understandable considering that his last name is Hussle and spelling it properly - "Hustle" - might confuse fans. Plus, it's unprofessional. So promoters make sure you spell his name correctly.

Finally, when it comes to food and beverages, Nipsey is easy to please. The "FDT" rapper wants two bottles of Moet champagne and Ralph Lauren Polo crewnecks. Talk about getting fashionably drunk after a show.