Nipsey Hussle found himself in a weird predicament on Friday (July 15). The California rapper was detained by police for some unknown reason.

But that wasn’t the bizzarre part. What made it really strange was that the police placed him in custody but didn’t confiscate his phone during his arrest. Since Hussle still had his phone, he decided to take a selfie while he was in lock up.

In the Instagram photo above, you can see the Crenshaw creator peering at his phone downward. “Cuffed me but forgot my phone lol,” he wrote in the caption.

It’s good to see that Hussle is taking his arrest in stride, we think? We don’t have a clue of why he was arrested, but hopefully, Hussle will be able to get out. Especially since he’s an expectant father with his girlfriend Lauren London.

Interestingly, as XXL notes, Hussle's latest tune, "Picture Me Rollin," eerily predicted his arrest. “Picture me rollin’ / With my friends not worried / Then we get stopped by the police / Gotta make it home to my baby / Cause they say snitch gonna crazy,” sings Kent Jamz of the group OverDoz on chorus.

But luckily, Hussle was later released on his own recognizance. He would then pos another photo of himself out of the bing as he gets ready to jump into an awaiting all-black Maybach vehicle.

In the meantime, fans have been patiently wating for the 30-year-old rapper to relase his debut album, Victory Lap.

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