Sneaker’s are awesome and all but let’s be honest for a second, aside being largely unattractive, Ugg boots look super comfortable. Well if you’re trying to replicate some of that comfort with a bit more style, Nike’s here to save the day.

Unless you’re Young Thug or Tom Brady, wearing Uggs just doesn’t really sound appealing; but this NikeLab Air Moc Tech Fleece sure does. The easy slip-on fleece construction and snug-fit ankle toggle make them look as comfy as your favorite pair of socks and the outsole is rugged enough to brave the great outdoors. The available colorways include grey fleece and black and a Nike check is dropped on the side incase onlookers aren’t hip to just how fresh these steps actually are.

The NikeLab Air Moc Tec Fleece is set to drop at NikeLab sometime soon and trust us when we say they won’t be around long. Thanks to Milk for giving us the heads up.

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