Kids have always believed that new shoes make them run faster and with Kryie Irving’s latest Nike drop, we can’t blame them. The hoop star has put together a graphic pair of kicks that is sure to have anyone rocking them ready to take flight.

Every iteration of the Nike Kyrie 1 has been as good as the last, however, this new pair easily floats to the top of the pile with a little help from its winged heel. Plus, the fire colorway that uses white as a base with blue underlays and yellow accents gives the sneaker a very eye-catching quality. These are perfect for rocking on or off the court, depending on which type of baller you are.

You can find the Nike Kyrie 1 Wings at select retailers starting Aug. 1. Villa will definitely have them in stock. They’ll probably be flying off of the shelves as soon as they land.

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