The Nike Roshe Run seems to get more daring by the day and some of the chances that the brand is taking on the silhouette are really paying off. The name alone indicates that you are in for a wild ride as the Nike Flyknit Roshe Run Vac Tech has a bit of everything mixed in to give it an edge.

The DNA of the Nike Roshe Run is more than evident on this one, but moving across the shoe, it becomes something totally different. A Flyknit toe box provides breathable comfort while a Vac Tech mid-panel stabilizes the foot in style. There is even a slight nod to Kyrie Irving's model happening on the heel with the raised pyramids that pop up for further flare. All of these style advances only serve to make the shoe eye-popping despite its muted neutral tone colorway.

No release date has been set for this model, but if Nike knows what's good for them they'll drop 'em soon. Hopefully, this one will be available in more colorways as well.

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