It's still a bit early to start claiming doling out year end accolades but Nike is really fast tracking themselves for the 'Silhouette Of The Year' award with the string of Nike Air Tech Challenge II releases. The model has yet to have a misstep and it appears that the trend will not be broken with this upcoming Wimbledon 2014 colorway.

This iteration of the silhouette is pretty jarring as it rocks a two tone split upper that pits a stark white bottom against a burst of green and teal up top. A gold lining sets the tone for the look to be crowned a Champion among other colorways of the silhouette but that remains to be seen based on what else Nike comes up with.

These are flat out fun to look at and and while we only have one picture to gauge off of they are certainly going to heat things up when they finally do release this summer.

[Via NikeBlog]