From time to time, a sneaker catches our eyes that we don’t really expect to see outside of a reseller's eBay profile. The Nike Air Pressure is one of those models and it appears that Nike is giving us all another chance at a copping this throwback shoe.

The main draw of the model is that it allows you to dole out your own dose of cushion as the sneaker’s bulky upper housed a bladder system that you pump to inflate it. The model only came in one colorway and this pair doesn’t stray from the original formula at all.

The all-white leather silhouette is backed by hits of grey and red accents. Almost as groundbreaking as the sneaker’s design is the special plastic packaging that comes with it. The bulky box features a flip-top lid and adjustable nylon strap for easy carry.

While pricing information for the Nike Air Pressure Retro isn’t available, we do know that select Nike retailers will start stocking them on Jan. 14. This is a great retro pickup so don't sleep.


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