If you’re a Back to the Future junkie you’re fully aware that today, Oct. 21, 2015, is the day that Micheal J. Fox traveled through time to arrive at with Doc Brown. Nike is commemorating this special day and ensures that the present isn’t too far off from the future that the film depicted.

The Nike Air Mag is making a timely appearance and this time, it’s even truer to form than before as this particular pair is self-lacing. A pair of the futuristic power-lacing shoes were hand delivered to Mr. Fox himself in advance of his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where the sneakers will finally be revealed to the world. Nike has been teasing the release of these sneakers for quite some time now. The kicks aren’t expected to release until spring 2016 but this is still pretty big news.

Tune in tonight to catch Marty McFly himself and these magical Nike Air Mags. If only the actual time machine existed so that we could travel into the future and see their actual release. Happy #BackToTheFutureDay

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