The Nike Air Force 1 is the gold standard and it hasn’t had to do much adapting over the years in order to fit in. Nike saw fit to shake things up a bit and make it a little flyer for an upcoming release.

Flyknit covers the upper of this sneaker and were it not for that chunky basketball outsole, this Nike Air Force 1 would feel more like a chukka than a basketball sneaker. The material makes for a lighter sneaker and through the processes they use to manufacture the Flyknit, the lines that split the shoe up into toe, mid panel and heel are implied. This has got to be one of the most breathable Air Force 1s of all time and we can only imagine how comfy it is thanks to the material moving with your foot.

Our first glimpse at the Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit is decked out in white but knowing what we do know about Flyknit colorways, the possibilities are limitless. No word on a release date but stay tuned for an official announcement.

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