Pandering sounds like a bad word but what’s wrong with giving the people what they want? We don’t mind pandering at all if in the end it means a fresh new sneaker colorway to rock. Thankfully, Nike doesn’t mind it either by giving us a killer fresh color of an old favorite.

The ever so iconic Nike Air Flight Huarache gets a makeover that aligns it with the times by way of an upper that is flooded with a black crocodile print pattern. This is juxtaposed with black ballistic mesh and neoprene as well, creating one monster of a tonal shoe. You’ll be right on time with a pair as fashion-forward as these and they’re comfortable enough to rock every day as well.

You can lace these up as soon as today if you drop by Titolo and ball out on a pair. The only drawback is waiting for the UPS man to show up, but who doesn’t love getting a package full of fresh footwear?

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