After Nicki Minaj coyly crawled around on the rainforest floor in the video for her first single, 'Massive Attack,' writhing her body in ways reserved for the bedroom, her follow-up was expected to be just as seductive. Yet, a look at the Hype Williams-directed clip for 'Your Love' showcases Young Money's femme fatale less provocatively and more modestly, as she plays the role of a samurai trainee who earns the affection of her master. Haven't watched the rap star in all her geisha-dressed glory? Here's five reasons to spend the next four and a half minutes glued to your monitor:

5. No signs of rainbow-colored wigs

As of late, the Queens native looks like a bag full of Skittles, donning wigs in every color of the rainbow at awards shows and concerts. For the video, her hair stylist, Terrence Davidson, toned down her brightly-hued strands, moving the focus from her shock-orange hair to her martial arts abilities.

4. Michael Jai White shows off skillful swordplay

The last time Michael Jai White was in a video he was featured alongside Toni Braxton in 'Hands Tied,' hastily hiding his wedding ring. Serving as Nicki's sensai, the actor looks right at home here, considering his penchant for martial arts runs deep (he was originally cast as Jax in two of the Mortal Kombat releases but turned down the opportunities for starring film roles). The Brooklyn native wins over the Harajuku Barbie's heart with the stellar way he moves his sword.

3. Annie Lennox gets a hip-hop makeover

For those who've either been living under a rock or think classic music begins with Lil Wayne, this clip gives an introduction to Annie Lennox's 1995 omnipresent hit, 'No More I Love You's.' Don't mistake the ethereal chants heard as the song commences for belonging to Ms. Minaj; it's Annie who gives the song its feminine flair. Never heard the original tune before? Listen here.

2. Nicki Minaj knocks the block off

While it's apparent Lil Wayne's female counterpart can hit opponents lyrically with 16 bars, it's surprising to find out she can also split a cinder block in two, all while rapping, "'S' on my chest 'cause I'm ready to save him." In the video, master Michael Jai White commends the raven-haired emcee for a job well done with an encouraging pat on her shoulder, just as Nicki's biggest hater looks on in envy.

1. Did someone say "girl fight"?

Looks like this Barbie is about to get her hair messy. When Nicki's jealous classmate confronts her for winning over their teacher's affection, the rap star is prepared to battle it out with the waif-like diva. Unfortunately, Vaseline won't work to fend off the blows as Nicki's adversary throws a powdery substance in her face. So which lady walks away holding her master's sword? Watch and find out.