The rumor mill went into overdrive after word got out that Nicki Minaj was in talks to join the judging panel on the upcoming reality singing competition 'The X Factor.' But the rumors were just that. Sources close to the Harajuku Barbie say she won't have anything to do with the show, even after creator Simon Cowell hinted that she would be part of the team.

According to TMZ, Nicki won't be gracing reality television as a judge anytime soon. "There's nothing going on with [X Factor]," said the source.

Cowell, who originally created the U.K. version of 'X Factor' and will serve as a judge alongside L.A. Reid on the U.S. edition, reportedly met with the Young Money diva in Los Angeles several weeks ago to discuss her potential involvement with the show. Sources claimed that Simon found her to be "fantastic," and that she would help attract a younger demographic to the viewership.

One of Nicki's collaborators, Mariah Carey, was also asked to be the third judge on the show, though "politely declined" the request after Cowell approached her with the gig. Other rumored options include Taylor Momsen, Paula Abdul and Jessica Simpson. 'X Factor' is set to make its stateside debut in September.

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