Besides opening up the 2011 American Music Awards alongside David Guetta, performing their hit 'Turn Me On,' Nicki Minaj also walked away a big winner for the night.

The 'Pink Friday' creator scored a trophy for Favorite Artist in the category of Rap/Hip-Hop Music. Minaj, who donned a curly pink coif and silver get-up during her set, beat out her Young Money boss Lil Wayne and fellow 'Monster' collaborator Kanye West.

While taking the stage to accept her award, she had to be escorted by an AMAs representative, who served as her support system as she walked to the microphone to make an acceptance speech for her first award of the night. The Queens Barb, who wore a tight lace top and forest green flowing princess dress, name-dropped a slew of people and was visibly touched while in front of her peers. "There's so much love in this room," she exclaimed, after almost toppling over on the stage due to her sky-high stilettos. "I have to thank god... Kane, Ester Dean... I have to thank Taylor Swift."

When she entered the stage a second time, to accept her trophy for Favorite Album in the Rap/Hip-Hop Music category, Minaj was almost moved to tears. Beating out Jay-Z and West's 'Watch the Throne' and Weezy's 'Tha Carter IV,' she fought from crying but it was apparent the rhyming pop star didn't expect to come home a winner in the category. "I have to thank Lil Wayne because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here," she admitted. Before she left the mic, she left her loyal supporters with some lasting words. "Chase your dreams," she shouted.