Nicki Minaj is no longer down to drink the pickle juice. "I put quality in what I do. I spend time and I spend energy and I spend effort and I spend everything I have, every fiber of my being, to give people quality," she said in her MTV documentary 'My Time Now.' "So if I turn up to a photo shoot and you got a $50 clothes budget and some sliced pickles on a motherf--kin' board, you know what? No. I am gonna leave. Is that wrong? Wanting more for myself? Wanting people to treat me with respect? You know what? Next time, they know better. But had I accepted the pickle juice, I would be drinking pickle juice right now." [Rap-Up]

Shyne aka Moses Levi recently opened up about his conversion to Judaism. "I am not rapping about Kadish or Shabbat shalom -- that's not the music I make. It's really just a change in direction -- the anger is still there, you dig? The outrage is sill there at the profanity and obscenity of poverty. I am still angry that people are suffering in Palestine, the people who aren't terrorists. I am angry (Israeli soldier) Gilad Shalit is captive right now the way I was in captivity -- but it's just a different way to channel that anger." Interesting. [CNN]