Nicki Minaj lashed out at music video website Vevo Thursday night (April 26) for failing to feature her "Starships" video in a timely manner after it premiered on MTV. However, Vevo fired back at the Young Money rap star, claiming her "people" did not send the visuals.

When her legion of Barbz informed her via Twitter that the Anthony Mandler-directed video was nowhere to be found on Vevo, Minaj insisted the site had the final product and was in the process of uploading it. Vevo joined in the conversation on the social networking site and shot down the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded creator's claims, stating that she "better talk to your label then" because they had no video.

The "Starships" video has since been posted to the Vevo site but not before Nicki Minaj let the company know "somebody gettin' fired" over the miscommunication.

Check out the entire conversation below.

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