Though female hip-hop and R&B artists may be some of the music industry's most competitive, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are not about to start beefing any time soon.

The Queens rapper and Bajan singer released albums within a week of one another, and still found time to collaborate together on a song for each of their respective albums. A video for that track, 'Fly,' which appeared on Nicki's 'Pink Friday' debut, won't be released, at least for another few months.

Unfortunately for their fans, Nicki has announced that she opted to delay the release of the Sanaa Hamri-helmed video, which was shot more than two months ago, until May. "The Rihanna video is a freakin' epic movie and you know it's been done for like a month, two months now -- very long time," Nicki revealed. "Look for it around Memorial Day weekend."

Though we may not see the "epic" clip for two more months, Nicki explained that her intention with the delay is simply to allow her friend have her "moment," out of respect for her career.

"I'm gonna hold off on the Rihanna video and the Rihanna single for a little bit longer," Nicki told MTV. "'Cause we both kind of dropped at the same time. So she has a lot of [songs] in rotation and I want to let her stuff have a moment and do its thing, dominate radio."

In the interim, the Young Money queen will be releasing her video for the uptempo record 'Super Bass,' a newer song, available only on the deluxe edition of 'Pink Friday.' "I'm taking it back to a few things that I've done, it's a lot more fun," Nicki concluded. "It will be my most fun video and my most carefree video, lots of eye candy and lots of beefcakes." Sounds like she'll be making a fan or two on the Jersey shore.

Both Nicki and Rihanna will reportedly be taking part in a digital-only compilation album in support of tsunami-stricken Japan, which will be available for release later this week.

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