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Nicki Minaj may have initially kept mum when asked if she was taking lyrical jabs at Lil' Kim on 'Roman's Revenge,' but the Queens rhymer isn't staying shut about the Queen Bee's latest antics. In an interview with WQHT Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez, Nicki opens up about Kim's recent verbal attacks against her, which she launched at a nightclub in New York City.

"She just really jumped out the window and you got to be careful when you pick fights," Nicki tells Angie. "I think people get me mistaken with a real Barbie. They forget where I'm from and if I have to revert back, I can and I will."

During the interview, set up as Hot 97's VIP Lounge, the 'Pink Friday' creator insisted she admired Kim, but the sentiments fell on deaf ears because her fellow rap star was too busy dealing with her inner demons.

"It's one of those moments where you say, 'Don't play with me,' because I respect you, I love you, I've said it in every interview time and time again, and if that's not good enough with you mama, then it's something deep rooted in you," she reveals. "Something is bothering you inside. That's your insecurity bothering you. [If] it's not Nicki Minaj, it would have been any girl that started poppin'. She picked a fight with Foxy [Brown], then she picked a fight with Eve, then she picked a fight with Remy [Ma], then it was Ms. [Voletta] Wallace, then it was Nicki Minaj. Everytime you in the news is 'cause you gettin' at somebody. Where's your music? Put your music out. When I see your name on 'Billboard,' that's when I'll respond to you. Other than that, goodbye."

The Young Money affiliate went on to discuss how pop acts like Lady Gaga paid respect to icons such as Madonna and never hated on her success, an attribute she wishes Lil Kim would possess. While the veteran rapper can't seem to keep the head Barbie-in-charge's name out of her mouth, Nicki's fine with letting her get a second chance at 15 minutes of fame.

"The same way she opened doors for me, I'm now opening doors for her," she explains. "Because nobody was even playing your music and you damn sure couldn't get an interview to save your life. But now you getting interviews and everytime you do an interview, they askin' you about Nicki Minaj. So it's like, we help each other. That's the point. We're helping each other, but if you are bitter, get a life."