Hey ladies! Nicki Minaj says if she can't do it, no one can. "They [major labels] won't look to sign other female rappers if the project doesn't do well. Because they're gonna say 'well, her buzz was so crazy, if she couldn't do it no one can do it.' I don't want that to happen so I'm doing this for all the girls." It's really not that deep. [HipHopWired]

Memphis rapper Kia Shine is being accused of ruining a local girl's 16th birthday party. Although he was paid $1,000 to perform at the party for 20 minutes, Shine showed up at almost midnight and gave the girls a 5 minutes of showtime (we're not sure how many Kia Shine songs the kids knew, but that actually sounds too long) before bouncing. When asked for his fee back, Shine refused, arguing "It's just like going to a restaurant and saying, hey, eating a sandwich, eating a sandwich or whatever, and waiting to get to the last bite and saying, 'Hey, I want to take this sandwich back, I don't like it.' And you expect a full refund? C'mon, that's not how it works!" Actually, it's nothing like that at all. [AllHipHop]