It hasn't even been two weeks since Nicki Minaj released the infamous song 'Looking Ass N----' and she's already upset someone else. The rapper's former wig creator is suing her for allegedly stealing his designs.

Terrence Davidson is accusing Minaj of stealing the wig designs he made for her and is accusing her management team of discouraging him from pursuing a multimillion-dollar reality television deal, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He claims management said that a reality show would damage his relationship with the rapper. Davidson has filed legal documents in an Atlanta court today (Feb. 21) and is seeking $31 million in damages.

The wig designer is specifically coming after the 'Pink Friday' creator for giving her several wigs to wear at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show and cutting him out of her wig venture -- a line of wigs at Davidson's attorney, Christopher Chestnut, explained this will be a "classic David versus Goliath situation" if the the lawsuit goes to trial.

While this case develops, the release date to Minaj's next album 'The Pinkprint' and how many more people she upsets by the time the project drops is anybody's guess.