Nicki Minaj has to sign so many boobs, she has to carry around a special marker for her female fans. "I have to have pink markers so I can sign lots of boobs," the Young Money rapper explained. "Whether I perform or not, I always sign boobs. Girls actually throw their boobs at my face now. It's crazy." Crazy. [HipHopWired]

'For Colored Girls' actress Kerry Washington was known as "the condom lady" when she was a teenager. "When I was 17, I was teaching other people how to put condoms on...bananas," she told MTV. "I was kind of known, amongst my friends, as 'the condom lady.' Because of my job, I always had condoms and dental dams and pamphlets...I did my job saving lives when I was 17." [MTV]

DJ Khaled recently discussed Lil Wayne's impact on the music industry. "Ain't nobody have that impact since Tupac," Khaled said. "Wayne is a genius and he's a great person. He's always showed love to everybody. You can't say anything bad about Wayne. So when he was on vacation, it didn't feel like he was gone. He dropped the album and it went #1....He was in every video. It was just as big. Now he's home. When he was on vacation, he was that powerful." In case you didn't know, vacation is a much cooler way of saying prison. [Rapfix]