Who knew that actor James Franco and Nicki Minaj were best friends?

In a new promo clip for 'Saturday Night Live,' the Queen Barbz, who serves as the show's musical guest this week, highlights her friendship with Franco in a silly sketch.

Before letting the world know just how deep their BFF ways go, they celebrate the recent airing of NBC's 'Peter Pan Live.' After introducing himself and the Queens, N.Y. rapper, both entertainers spread their arms and say "Off to Never Never Land," doing their best Peter Pan impression -- only they realize they can't fly.

The second gag finds the '127 Hours' star and 'The Pinkprint' creator doing a best friends handshake, which consists of a couple hand slaps, a fist pound and a rubbing of noses. "You know a lot of people don't know Nik and I are really good friends in real life," Franco says. To close out the clip, they scream, "Besties."

You can catch the new episode of 'Saturday Night Live' this Dec. 6., at 11:30PM on NBC.

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